Anipang (web ver.)

Long before Anipang for Kakao was released, it was originally published in Cyworld AppStore in Sept. 2009. You can still play Anipang in Cyworld and Naver Social Apps.

Play Anipang at Cyworld AppStore                              - Play Anipang at Naver Social Apps

Anipang Twist

Anipang Twist is an upgraded version of Anipang. Instead of switching two blocks, you can rotate 4 blocks in circles.

- Play Anipang Twist at Cyworld AppStore                    - Play Anipang Twist at Naver Social Apps

Ani Mahjong

Follow up of Anipang, Ani Mahjong was first released in Cyworld AppStore on November 2009. With its simple but addictive game play, Ani Mahjong is still enjoyed by many people and holds the biggest number of users in Cyworld AppStore (as of Jan.2013).

- Play Ani Sachunseong at Cyworld AppStore                 - Play Ani Sachunseong at Naver Social Apps

Ani Yutnori

Ani Yutnori is a traditional Korean board game combined with various social features. It was the first social game in Korea to adopt real time one on one system and holds the record of highest number of daily downloads.

- Play Ani Yutnori at Cyworld AppStore

Aqua Story (web ver.)

Aqua Story is the no.1 social game in Cyworld AppStore and has the biggest DAU since 2010. (1.3M DAUs in Feb.2011) You can raise morphing fishes, complete illustrated fish book, and open treasure chests by visiting friends’ fish tanks.

- Play Aqua Story at Cyworld AppStore                             - Play Aqua Story at Naver Social Apps