Service Policy

Effective Date: 10. 04. 2018


1. General Principles

-  Restriction periods suspending users from the service are applied depending on individual user accounts and types of behavior, and restriction apply to all services used by the same restricted user account.

-  The company may restrict users who engage in actions subject to ban after confirmation via public information received by the Help Center or various organizations, information from police investigations, or user monitoring.

-  Even if the company deems that the user's behavior does not precisely meet the criteria subject to a restriction, the user may be restricted from the service in accordance with service use policies that have contravened the service Terms and Conditions.

-  If a user performs an action or method subject to restrict to create or acquire in-game currency, experience points, points, items, etc. ("content", below), the company may restrict the user from the service and separately remove or reset created or acquired content. Furthermore, even if the behavior is suspected to be objectively illegal user behavior (including receipt of content created/acquired via actions subject to ban), the company may restrict the user from the service and separately remove or reset created or acquired content.

-  The service restriction will be instituted upon confirmation of the user's action or method and the time of action and time of user ban may differ. If the user applies to leave during the restriction period, service use will be limited or denied until the restriction period has concluded.

-  In the absence of objective evidence or if the user account is already restricted or deleted, no restriction will be enacted. However, if repeated/habitual action pertaining to a more serious reason for suspension is discovered through investigation, further action may be taken even if a ban is already imposed.


2. Restriction Policy

TypeAction Subject to BanRestriction Period
1st Offense2nd Offense3rd Offense4th Offense
Inappropriate conductPublishing text, images, or videos that humiliate or repulse others3 days7 days15 daysPermanence
Repeatedly interfering with other players' game progress with malicious intent
Actions that interfere with gameplayUsing a profile photo, nickname, etc. to directly or indirectly advertise7 days15 daysPermanence
Intentionally repeating the same inquiry, report, or purchase cancellation to interfere with service operation
Using illicit methods to play or receiving or offering in-game currency acquired through the illicit gameplay of another userIllicit methods are defined as follows and include methods similar to the following:
- Two or more players playing at a particular time to influence wins and losses
- Two or more players leaving and joining rooms and playing with multiple accounts
- Two or more players playing with illicit game rules,Two or more players continuing the game using arbitrary betting rules
15 daysPermanence
Circulating false information or confidential information for undue gain or to cause harm or confusion to others
Fraud and identity theftDeceiving other users to unfairly gain content such as in-game currency
Impersonating one of the company's employees or operators or assuming a false name or another person's identity
Theft of personal information
Exploiting system errors or bugsGameplay exploiting application bugs or system errors or using other programs or the suspicion of such
Trading or inducing the trading of content, including cash transactionsEncouraging/attempting/soliciting exchange or trade of content such as user accounts or in-game currency using cash, articles, other game content, etc.
Using user profile photos, nicknames, etc. to advertise/encourage/induce/attempt/solicit trade of content such as in-game currency
Exchange of any type of gift voucher for content such as user accounts or in-game currency or the attempt/solicitation/purchase of such an exchange
Attempting to exchange or sell content such as in-game currency that has been created/acquired by exploiting application bugs, errors, or illicit programsPermanence
Hacking or account theftTheft or illicit use of another user's account or purchase of content using a stolen payment method
Use or dissemination of illicit programsUnauthorized manipulation or illicit use of the application or the transmission or dissemination of such methods to other users
Illegal actionsCriminal behavior or attempted criminal behavior in contravention of relevant laws via the game itself or while playing the game