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Founded in January 2009, SundayToz is a leading social mobile games developer headquartered in South Korea. Our games have been published on messaging platforms Kakao and LINE and distributed to mobile platforms, Apple App Store, Google Play, as well as other social and mobile platforms. 

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SundayToz's nationally acclaimed games include Anipang, Anipang 2, Anipang 3, Anipang Mahjong, Aqua Story, Shanghai Anipang, Anipang Matgo, Anipang Poker, Anipang Touch, and Anipang Sutda. To date, over 82 million installs across our games, making SundayToz South Korea's No.1 mobile games developer and a developer that's recognized around the world. 

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We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs

We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs is a new concept puzzle game where players can enjoy the casual match-3 puzzle game and create their own We Bare Bears story.

Currently available only in Korea, play along with the three We Bare Bears brothers, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear! 

Clear missions by matching fruits and create boosters to help you along. Decorate the We Bare Bears world with your own designs and personalize their entire world. 


Snoopy Spot the Difference

Snoopy Spot the Difference is a casual game with fun game modes including spot the difference, card matching, and various others. 

In the game, you'll find various Peanuts character throughout the game and be able to collect them all with range of costumes to match. So, create your own collection!



Anipang3 is a puzzle adventure designed with new concepts and elements.

Match blocks and remove roadblocks to clear the path and help Anipang characters make their way to the treasure chests.

After clearing stages, you will uncover pieces of Anipang heroes and it's your job to collect and restore the hero statue.


Shanghai Anipang

Shanghai Anipang is your classic mahjong puzzle game re-imagined. Immerse yourself in the cute and friendly atmosphere that is Anipang and discover features and game play that are unique to Shanghai Anipang. 

Go on a journey through our vast mahjong world and uncover special tiles, craft items, and battle evil bosses. There's fun and excitement for everyone at every stage. 

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Aqua Story

Aqua Story is an all new mobile version of the most popular social game in South Korea, Aqua Story. Since 2010, Aqua Story has been the No.1 social game in South Korea and it's now available on mobile through Kakao Talk. 

In Aqua Story, players can create and decorate their own aquarium and maintain an aquatic world with countless number of underwater species. Play together with friends and help each other build and care for your own unique aquarium.




Anipang2, the much anticipated sequel to most popular mobile game in Korea, Anipang, is finally here!

Launched on January 14, 2014, Anipang 2, follows another one of our friendly rabbit character, Ani, and her adventure through the vast lands of the Anipang World  to rescue her friends .



July 30, 2013 is the first anniversary of Anipang for Kakao. 

We would like to once again thank everyone for all the love and support that they have shown towards Anipang. SundayToz will continue to excel to deliver the fun experience of communication through quality social mobile games. Thank you!

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Anipang is a casual match-3 mobile game, which uses the social graph of Kakao Talk, Korea’s leading mobile messaging app. Since launching on 30 July 2012, Anipang has accumulated over 22M downloads and has reached a peak of 10M DAUs and 3M CCUs. In just 74 days, Anipang rewrote every previous record in Korea’s game industry.


Anipang was nominated second place after Psy’s Gangnam Style in the “Top ten hit products in Korea for 2012” by Samsung Research Institute (SERI). It was also listed in top ten search keywords for 2012.

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Anipang Mahjong

Anipang Mahjong is the follow up title for Anipang series. This mahjong type game is about Pinky the pig and his food tree. Users must help him finish his meal by pairing up as many dishes possible within a minute of time.


The overall atmosphere is a continuation of Anipang, thus users can easily familiarize with the concept of the game. Anipang Mahjong for Kakao will be available on Google Play and iTunes App Store starting 19 Feb. 2013.

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