Successful global corporates such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, King, Supercell, Hubspot have their own colors of Corporate Culture in which they set their principles that is practiced by its members.

We can’t tell whether good corporate culture is a prerequisite to become a successful company or vice versa, but it is clear that good principles will never let the company down and hold its members as a team.

We believe these principles should not be set from a top-down approach but rather involve our members to decide for themselves. As a result, our members came together to come up with 10 do’s and don’t’s for SundayToz. We hope these principles could serve as a corner-stone in building a good corporate culture.

<10 Do’s>

  1. Be the first one to say hello.
  2. Be passionate in what you do
  3. Be humble.
  4. Keep your promises
  5. Be adventurous and take risks
  6. Respect and trust each other.
  7. Have ownership.
  8. Listen to our users.
  9. Become an expert in your field.
  10. Smile :-)  Have a sense of humor and wit.

<10 Don’t’s>

  1. Don’t be arrogant.
  2. Don’t work alone. We thrive on teamwork.
  3. Don’t agree with what you don’t understand.
  4. Don’t talk behind your colleagues back.
  5. Don’t agree with everything. Speak your mind.
  6. Don’t be lazy. Take initiatives!
  7. Don’t hide problems from your colleagues.
  8. Don’t be late. We can never lead by being late.
  9. Don’t be an amateur. Improve by learning.
  10. Don’t engage in office politics.